Digital Transformation with delivering Solutions since 1984

Digital Transformation is the key word that today is used as a paradigm of the strategy for a more competitive industry. It may seem like something new, but this new “fashion” is nothing more than a twist on the road that has been started since the introduction of the microprocessors in factory control. Here is our little story.

In 1984, when the PLC’s and Programming Consoles weighed dozens of kilos and gurus of industrial automation claimed that in the future in factories light would not be necessary because the robots and automatons would displace operators, a group of engineers experts in production, maintenance and engineering decided to found an automation business which was counter to that vision.

These young engineers thought that in the future the long series would not exist, the market would require an almost endless variety of products, different formulations, different packaging formats, multiple promotions. This explosion of SKUs would require different factories, with a high level of flexibility.

They believed that technology was part of the solution, not as an all-powerful being, but as a tool that helps professionals to do their work and fulfill their goals. So, they integrate various technologies, without attachment or preference for any of them.

As a consequence, Adasoft developed automation projects from a global and integrative perspective, involving each of the areas of Factory (Production, Maintenance, Quality) because the reality at the plant is one, but each factory is unique.

Only for those who think that the factory is important

Gradually Adasoft was adding up a customer base, large, medium and small enterprises in sectors such as food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. All with one thing in common: they believe that the factory is important and for this reason they invest in it.

The projects are in process year after year. The customer satisfaction results in a solid financial position due to almost 90% of Adasoft turnover which comes from companies in which we have worked already.

Experience, method and team

Part of the success of Adasoft lies in having transformed the experience and knowledge of more than 2,000 projects implemented in 15 countries in a working methodology, which provides reliability and speed in the development of the projects, when implementing technology products and assuming after-sales service.

But without doubt, much of the success is due to the extraordinary professional team whose members have changed over the years. Some have aged, others are not. But the original spirit of Adasoft has been maintained.

The relationship that Adasoft has maintained with its customers has enabled it to obtain a wide sector experience. Its technology knowledge and the development of a methodology that meets the requirements of the regulations have allowed the company to build customized solutions that have been proven in multiple installations and projects.

Digital Transformation, the next step

Consumer electronics is revolutionizing in an irreversible way the way we relate. It is changing all industries. Value and quality of products and services now includes variables such as speed (not to say immediacy) or visibility, which until now had been a utopia of the CIM or MES concepts.

Thus, consumers have already assumed deadlines, information availability and quality that pose a challenge for factories. And the factories have to respond in terms, quality and costs, taking advantage of the same technological tools that represent this challenge.

The Digital Transfromation of the Factory must respond to three premises:

  • Agility to respond to a market that demands shorter delivery times
  • Visibility to respond to the demanding regulatory norms and to a consumer with ever greater power
  • Flexibility to be able to adapt to a very personalized and massive production, without affecting productivity or increasing costs

ADASOFT’s experience in industrial automation systems, in operational management tools and in corporate computing, are a guarantee of success when facing the Digital Transformation.



“We trust Adasoft for their experience and knowledge, and today, after 9 years, they remain our reference integrator and continue to work with us every day.”

José Nogales

Director de Informática Industrial, Abbott Laboratories

Transformación digital para la industrial alimentaria, Automatización de procesos, Sistemas MES/MOM, Factory Intelligence,

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