Factory Intelligence: The BI applied to industrial processes

Adasoft has taken advantage of advances in Big Data and Business Intelligence (BI) to apply these technologies in a factory and to have a global vision, where data show the complete history of the factory. This is how the Factory Intelligence concept was born, BI applied to industrial processes.

So far, attempts to master the complex reality of plant had not met the expectations. Proof of this was the proliferation of spreadsheets that each manager used to manage specific area, despite the fact of having expensive and sophisticated ERP systems.

This “excel-dependency” did not ensure reliability and consistency in the data; and it generated problems at management level and overall operation, although the local optimum of each department was solved.

Factory Intelligence, BI applied to industrial processes, guarantees transparent access to different data sources, be they ERP, SCADA, MES or even Excel. Its treatment to give context and subsequent deployment to exploit users allowed to change the way we work in plants as it provides:

Streamline decision-making

Having a tool that seamlessly integrates data from different plant sources, to run tests and create dynamic reports. The management paradigm is changed by focusing on actions to be taken from data in context and by eliminating discussions on the origin and reliability of the information.

Optimize the operations

By analyzing plant data in its full context and being able to discover unobvious relationships that represent improvements in the process or industrial operation.

“We trust Adasoft for their experience and knowledge, and today, after 9 years, they remain our reference integrator and continue to work with us every day.”

José Nogales

Director de Informática Industrial, Abbott Laboratories

Factory Intelligence: Key piece in the Digital Transformation of your factory

Food & Beverage

  • Process Analysis
  • Alarms Analysis
  • OEE Analysis
  • Supplier Analysis
  • Traceability
  • KPIs of Plant
  • ERP Connection

Pharma Industry

  • Process Analysis
  • Climate Analysis
  • Serialization Analysis
  • Alarms Analysis
  • KPIs of Plant
  • ERP Connection

Chemical Industry

  • Energetic Analysis
  • KPIs of Plant
  • ERP Connection
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