KPIs & Dynamic Reports: Dashboards to make decisions based on data

Every day the need to manage with KPIs & Dynamic Reports is more evident. But, how long does it take for the Professionals to develop reports? Is it easy to create new indicators to monitor the evolution of continuous improvement initiatives?

Decision making based on data, is one of the recommended processes of continuous improvement practices. However, for many plants it is not easy or trivial to keep up with the key data of plant management.

Therefore Adasoft has created a tool that automatically extracts, transforms and loads data from different sources, so that decision-making based on data becomes a reality thanks to:

Simplify the preparation of Reports

The operative departments Professionals (Production, Maintenance, Logistics or Quality) will be able to dedicate to tasks of greater value when releasing them of data search and treatment. Also being an intuitive system, which facilitates self-service by providing autonomy to the end user, IT department resources are also released.

Optimizes Continuous Improvement cycle

By establishing a reliable and consistent data framework that facilitates the monitoring and reporting of continuous improvement initiatives. It also offers an intuitive way to study the root cause of deviations from KPIs and a customizable system of alarms to avoid them.

Simplify the elaboration of reports

By providing plant Professionals with an easy to use tool to build your own KPIs, dynamic reports, alarms and distribution of reports distribution. Thus, both search-operation professionals, processing and reporting in spreadsheets, and the professionals responsible for the elaboration of custom reports. 

Optimizes the cycle of Continuous Improvement

By establishing a framework for reliable and consistent data that facilitates the monitoring and the reporting of continuous improvement initiatives. It also offers an intuitive way to study the main cause of deviations from the KPIs and a customizable alarm system to prevent these deviations affect the achieved improvements.

A revealing fact…

A study by the London School of Economics made in US factories found that only a third of the factories based their decisions on data. What circumstances does prevail intuition as a basis for decisions in the plant when there is a high degree of automation and computerization?

The answer may lie in the difficulty of integrating different factory data for putting them in context and have enough value so that decisions can be made with a sufficient degree of confidence. Do you take decisions based on data? How much time and effort it takes to process?


Decision-making based on data in US factories according to study of London School of Economics

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