If your manufacturing process depends on obsolete equipment it involves costs and risks associated with unplanned production stops, plus the opportunity cost that represents the difficulty to implement improvements in the process, to respond to market needs.

It’s never a good time to replace a hardware or software that is running. But the worst is when you’re forced to do so because your factory can not produce more.

Adasoft has developed the “Controlled Obsolescence” concept in order to make automation system migrations easily, safely and economically done, minimizing costs, risks and intervention times so your source of generating value does not stop.

Migration of Obsolet Control Systems


We use a methodology of reverse engineering and process simulation tools, which guarantee the reliability of the new control system.


The accumulated hundreds of projects experience and a great wide domain of control technologies are the guarantee for a smooth migration with no surprises.


A migration strategy step by step, that takes full advantage of your existing infrastructure and gives the possibility of growing in the future.

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