GMAO maintenance management system have been used as a tool of resource control, managing labor and consumption of spare parts. After more than two decades of systematic maintenance it seems to have already reached the limits of improvement intervention times, reliability and availability and reduce inventory.

However, there is still room for further improvement. ADASOFT has developed a number of complements (Add ons and Templates) working on the main market GMAOs to get the maximum benefit from:

Maintenance Management: Ensure maximum availability

Real-Time Integration

Maintenance is not an island. Proper integration with other MES tools, focusing on operational and plant procedures, helps to minimize response times of corrective interventions and as well it helps to plan better the preventive work.

ADASOFT has created a seamless and real-time platform for integration which effectively helps to simplify plant operation.


Using mobile devices as a tool to support maintenance activities reduces intervention times, ensures compliance with procedures and improve the quality of information on the activity of the department.

ADASOFT has developed mobile applications that facilitate the work in the field of maintenance Professionals, in consultation inventories, data capture or monitoring SOPs.

Analytical and Predictive Ability

The amount of data that you already have in your current GMAO or ERP, coupled with the possibility of new data from new devices under IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) are a valuable source of information from which you can obtain benefits.

ADASOFT has implemented analytical and predictive modules that allow you to optimize inventory costs and minimize downtime.

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