Quality & Traceability: Guarantee quality in complex environments

With more complex production operations, the probability of errors that would affect the quality is higher. In addition, new and more demanding government regulations involve procedures that could affect the productivity of the factory. Having quality management systems and product traceability guarantee the integrity and innocuousness of the product.

ADASOFT has implemented a series of Templates and Add-ons on the main quality management systems to simplify operations of the department and make the coordination of all professionals of the factory easier. The areas where ADASOFT brings value are:


Ensure the implementation of analytical procedures of the laboratory and manage the results of these are the challenges that those responsible for the Quality Department are facing.

ADASOFT has developed a series of Templates and Add-ons on the main market solutions to facilitate the management of Laboratory Quality:


  • Visual analytics

  • Integration with control systems

  • Interface for mobile devices

  • Alarm Management


React immediately to any nonconformance to detect the root cause and the affected lots is the most critical challenge of the factory.

This is only possible if the process data, the incidences of maintenance and analytical quality in a single integrated environment.

In ADASOFT different process automation systems, quality management and maintenance regardless of different technology platforms of these systems are transparently integrated.

Quality of production line

Ensure the effective sampling for analytical process in production and process lines is vital in the operation of factories.

ADASOFT has developed a series of Templates and Add Ons to integrate LIMS systems with process control systems or MES systems to automatically take samples or alert and guide line managers to execute these procedures.

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